Trends in Misdemeanor Arrests, Referrals, and Charges in Seattle

This report, Trends in Misdemeanor Arrests, Referrals, and Charges in Seattle, documents trends in misdemeanor arrests, referrals, and charges in Seattle from 2008-2016. This report presents trends in the types of misdemeanors for Seattleites have been arrested by the Seattle Police Department and referred and charged by the Seattle City Attorney’s Office. These data include arrest, referral, and charge data for adults age 18-65 analyzed by age, sex, and race/ethnicity with examination of misdemeanor arrest activity in Seattle’s 5 Police precincts and micro-communities.

This is the third report coming out of the Research Network on Misdemeanor Justice, an alliance of eight jurisdictions examining trends in the enforcement and disposition of lower-level offenses. The Research Network sites bring together university researchers and local data partners, such as police, corrections, and courts, to help inform criminal justice policy reform.