Showing Up: Strategies to Increase Court Attendance and Limit Pretrial Detention

What can courts do to promote pretrial release, while helping people attend their court dates?

Missed court appearances are a leading cause of warrants, unnecessary pretrial detention, and racial disparities in arrests. On September 14, 2023, ideas42’s (Un)warranted team and the Data Collaborative for Justice (DCJ) at John Jay College hosted a webinar featuring practitioners from across the country discussing effective strategies to ensure court attendance, reduce pretrial incarceration, and deliver accountability, justice, and fairness.

Building upon strategies featured in the National Guide to Improving Court Appearances, issued by ideas42, this webinar covered practical approaches to support court attendance, from court administration strategies, such as court date reminders, to programmatic approaches, such as a community-based Tap In Center.


Krystal Rodriguez, Policy Director, Data Collaborative for Justice (Moderator)

Samantha Hammer, Principal Behavioral Designer, ideas42

Alissa Fishbane, Managing Director, ideas42

Karen Kane, Director, Court Research, New York State Office of Court Administration

Hon. Courtney Wachal, Judge, Kansas City Municipal Division

Jemia Steele, Senior Public Defender, Missouri State Public Defender

Panelist Bios