Criminal Summonses

The Data Collaborative for Justice (DCJ) Data Dashboard provides a snapshot of criminal summonses issued in New York City between 2003 and 2016. The dashboard allows visitors to visually track trends in criminal summonses with data provided by the Office of Court Administration. Users are able to filter the criminal summons data by year, borough of issuance, and the sex and age of the summons recipient.

The DCJ Data Dashboard includes the following:

  • Number of criminal summonses
  • Agency issuing the summons
  • Criminal summons charge
  • Characteristics of recipient (corporation or individual, sex, and age)
  • Disposition
  • Warrant status (open and vacated)

Data Source: Office of Court Administration

Data notes:

(1) These data are derived from the Summons Automated Management System (SAMS), which includes all criminal summonses docketed in one of the City’s criminal courts, and the Distributed Criminal Records and Information System (DCRIMS), which includes all  criminal summonses docketed in Midtown Community Court or Red Hook Community Justice Center.

(2) Summonses with missing information on a given data point are included in the dashboard, and missing values are indicated as NA or Missing.  Age and sex information is generally not reported for summonses issued to corporations. Issuing agency information is missing for all summonses docketed in community court, as this data is not reported for records extracted from the DCRIMS system.