Data Report: Trends in Admissions to New York City Jails, 1995–2019

In this data report, we examine how individuals enter the New York City jail system, showing trends in admissions by admission type (pretrial, city sentenced, and technical parole violation), demographics (race/ethnicity and age), borough, and charge types for felony and misdemeanor admissions from 1995 to 2019. This report also examines legal status type and felony and misdemeanor charge types by race/ethnicity and by age. Additionally, this particular report updates and expands on DCJ’s prior report, Trends in Admissions: New York City Department of Correction, 1995-2015.

This report is one of four that collectively examine the New York City jail population within the context of significant policy reforms in an effort to close Rikers Island. DCJ hopes these data provide metrics that can help the public and policymakers identify opportunities for further reductions in the jail population to meet the City’s stated goal of closing Rikers Island by 2027. Further, these data will serve as baselines to examine 2020 changes in New York City jail populations, particularly in light of Covid-19.