Research Network Receives 39 Submissions!

The Research Network on Misdemeanor Justice has received 39 submissions from a wide range of jurisdictions to join this groundbreaking initiative. The Research Network is an expansion of the Misdemeanor Justice Project (MJP) in New York City. The Research Network will be an alliance of seven jurisdictions seeking to better understand trends in the enforcement of low-level offenses such as misdemeanors, summonses/citations, and stops.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice will select six jurisdictions, in addition to New York City, to be a part of the Research Network. Each new jurisdiction will receive funding (approximately $200,000) for three years to build a data analytic infrastructure and capacity to examine trends in low-level offenses at a local level. Further, the Research Network will produce, for the first time, cross-site analyses that will allow for a comparison in the enforcement of these offenses across the jurisdictions. Within each jurisdiction, a research institution and local criminal justice agencies will create partnerships to inform and guide criminal justice policy initiatives at the local and national level.

With support from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the MJP has documented trends in the enforcement of low-level offenses including misdemeanors, criminal summonses, and pedestrian stops in New York. We have examined these trends by demographics, charges, dispositions/sentences, and geography. Our work has enabled us to develop strong relationships with our data partners in state and city government. To date, the MJP has been successful in informing the policy dialogue on key criminal justice issues in New York City.

The solicitation further describes the project including funding allocation and selection criteria.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Meredith Patten (