MJP - Phase I & II

Author The Guardian
Date January 2018
In Categories: News Article
In Project Series: MJP - Phase I & II

Data from two of our reports are used in this piece from the Guardian to highlight trends in misdemeanor arrests and average lengths of stay for misdemeanors in New York City. Our data is used in reference to the Manhattan and Brooklyn DA’s recent announcement that they will no longer seek bail for most misdemeanors.

Author Translational Criminology
Date Fall 2017

The latest issue of Translational Criminology features the MJP article The Misdemeanor Justice Project: Using Data to Guide Criminal Justice Reform. Translational Criminology is published by the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy out of George Mason University. MJP Advisory Board member, Cynthia Lum, is the CEBCP Director and the magazine’s Editor.

Author Richard Steier
Affiliate The Chief
Date July 2017
In Categories: News Article
In Project Series: MJP - Phase I & II

Jeremy Travis was talking crime and punishment, the drop of enforcement actions by the NYPD of one million compared to five years ago and the “profound change in enforcement strategy” that accounted for it, when he was asked July 11 about a Brooklyn judge’s decision two days earlier to release without bail a man who […]