CityLaw Breakfast Series – Crime and Justice Trends: the New York City Story, 1981-2018

In March 2019, Dr. Jeremy Travis, Executive Vice President of Criminal Justice at Arnold Ventures, (and founder and former co-director of the Data Collaborative for Justice), spoke at New York Law School about “Crime and Justice Trends: the New York City Story, 1981-2018.” He used DCJ data to highlight sharp declines in the number of arrests, pretrial admissions, prison sentence and probation rates, and arrests for drug charges in New York City over the years. Dr. Travis noted that these declines came after an “era of punitive excess” and that racial disparities continue to be a persistent feature of the criminal legal process in New York City. He concluded that additional reforms are needed to effectively and fairly address crime and safety, including reducing excessive sentences, adopting mechanisms for compassionate release, and creating trust between communities and the police.

View the full PowerPoint presentation on the left. A recording of the presentation can be found here.


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