Bail Reform & Public Safety: What We Know & How to Move Forward

On June 14th, 2023, the Data Collaborative for Justice was joined by a panel of experts to gain valuable knowledge, perspectives, and actionable strategies as they navigate the complexities of bail reform and chart a path towards an equitable and effective criminal justice system. The webinar included an overview of changes made to New York’s bail statute in May of 2023; a presentation on DCJ’s recent report testing the impact of bail reform on recidivism; and a robust panel discussion. Drawing on a range of credible data, panelists identified promising, data-driven strategies to enhance public safety.


Krystal Rodriguez | Policy Director | Data Collaborative for Justice | PPT Presentation


Alana Sivin | New York State Director for Criminal Justice Reform |

Ames Grawert | Senior Counsel & John L. Neu Justice Counsel | Brennan Center for Justice

Deanna Logan | Director | Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice | PPT Presentation

René Ropac | Senior Research Associate | Data Collaborative for Justice | PPT Presentation

Panelist Bios


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